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Being accused of a crime often makes you feel overwhelmed, isolated, and alone. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows the law and is your ally during this stressful time. Rely on Kalasnik Law Office in the Gettysburg and York, PA, areas for knowledgeable, honest, and trusted legal advice about your case.



Types of Crimes

I help people accused of many types of crimes. These include:

  • Money crimes such as shoplifting, theft, or embezzlement

  • Assault crimes such as simple assault and aggravated assault

  • Sexual crimes such as sexual assault, indecent assault, or rape

  • Drug crimes such as drug possession, drug paraphernalia, or drug distribution


Whatever crime you've been accused of, I can help.



Process of a Criminal Case

A legal process has to take place before you're convicted of a crime. First, the police must investigate for evidence that you committed a crime. If they feel they've gathered enough evidence, then they file a formal criminal complaint against you.

You then attend a preliminary hearing where the police present the evidence against you and the judge decides whether there is sufficient evidence to charge you. If the judge decides to move forward with the case, the case moves to a county court.

This is when a defense attorney and the accused look over the evidence. The defense attorney puts together a defense to help the accused get a not-guilty verdict, reduced charges, or dropped charges.

Often, the defense and the prosecution come to an agreement in a plea bargain. Otherwise, the case goes to trial where either a judge or jury decide on the accused's verdict.



Experience of Our Law Firm

At Kalasnik Law Office in the York, Hanover, and Gettysburg, PA, areas, I have helped people accused of crimes defend their rights since 1995. I always provide honest feedback about the potential success of a case and help people feel comfortable and welcome as they talk about their case to me.

How Will I Know What is Going On With My Case?

Attorney Kalasnik will keep you informed of all developments in the case in writing, by phone, or through office meetings as necessary.  You have the right to know about everything that happens in your case as well as what you can expect in the future.  I will respond promptly to phone calls, e-mails, or other messages I receive from you. 


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