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How a Minor Traffic Violation Can Lead to Serious Consequences

Traffic laws can sometimes vary slightly between different jurisdictions of the same state. Even different areas of the same town can have different rules and regulations for driving, parking, and operating a motor vehicle in public. Nevertheless, even if you're driving in your own county or the next county over, the PA traffic law violation penalties can affect you.

A minor traffic violation can often seem like a low-level offense that doesn't require a lot of consideration. Thinking of minor traffic violations in this way can lead to consequences that can sometimes take people by surprise. You may not think that a lingering speeding ticket or parking citation means much. However, those minor violations can add up. See some of the potential consequences.

You Can Face Fines That Will Continue to Increase

Usually, a traffic violation will come with a fine attached to it. The longer you let the fine linger, the more it will grow. Some jurisdictions will add various types of fees to the fine as well, and those too can grow along with it.

If you let a fine grow too large, the court can start bringing down greater consequences. The court may:

  • Suspend your license

  • Issue a warrant for your arrest

  • Give you even more fines and fees

These consequences do not go away on their own. All they do is compound with time. For example, if you reach a point where you have your license suspended or revoked, you're in violation of a whole new set of traffic laws with their own penalties. Those penalties will add to your list of violations, not replace them.

You Can Gain Points on Your Driving Record

Pennsylvania makes use of a driving record point system when it comes to traffic violations. If you receive six or more points, the state can suspend your license. Points can build up quickly if you drive recklessly or without paying attention to the rules of the road.

For example, you can earn two points on your record just for going 6 to 10 MPH over the speed limit. You can earn three points for not yielding properly at a yield sign. Accumulating points compounds as well. The more points you accumulate, the longer your license suspension will last.

You Can Lose Your Insurance or Have Your Premiums Raised

Car insurance companies will take traffic violations into account. The more violations you accrue, the more your insurance will cost you.

Even if your violations all come from what you consider as smaller infractions, the insurance company will still consider you more of a risk because of them. If you rack up too many minor violations, you may find it hard to gain or keep insurance in general.

A non-criminal, non-felony traffic violation can cause you to lose out on work, miss appointments, and generally create expensive obstacles for you in various other ways as well. For these reasons, you should never let a ticket linger.

Give strong consideration to fighting every ticket that comes your way, no matter what it's for. The moment you plead guilty to a ticket, you accept full responsibility and the consequences that come with it. You will still have to pay fines, you will still gain points on your record, and your insurance can still go up.

You should deal with each ticket you get to mitigate the consequences or eliminate them. Speak to a lawyer who knows the local traffic laws and how best to deal with infractions, whether large or small, so that you don’t have lingering problems. Contact the Kalasnik Law Office to discuss any traffic violation charge.

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